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Our work as a telecommunications company is divided into two main lines of work: FTTH-B-C telecommunications and mobile telecommunications. Both services have different phases, which are explained below.

Phase 01


Our service of implementation and construction of FTTH-B-C solutions in telecommunications consists of a first phase of study and design of the project. In it we analyze its location and make calculations about the size of the project in the first instance. From there we evaluate a financial approach to costs, as well as environmental impact studies for feasibility and permitting. Subsequently, the construction phase will begin.

Specific actions to be taken during the study and design phase of the project

  • Elaboration of plans.
  • Layout of network elements.
  • Economic adjustment to deployment.
  • Modifications regarding deployments with local authorities.
  • Stakeout of private property for installation.
  • Document management and permit requests.
  • Management of advance production platforms.

The specific actions to be carried out in the construction phase are as follows:

In this phase, the deployment of civil works proceeds with the installation of network elements, the insertion of fiber-blowing-fusing+metering and, consequently, the certification report of all the network elements involved and the completion of finishes around the paving of the population.

Lecubbetech, a telecommunications company, performs the following stages in the construction phase:

  • FTTH-B-C deployment start-up phase.
  • Interconnection of populations.
  • Execution of civil works.
  • Installation of a piping system around the network.
  • Installation of network elements.
  • Fiber insertion and fusing.
  • End customer installation.

The implementation of these concrete actions in parallel is carried out by the site management, the EECC work teams, the Fusion and Overlapping Teams. Our I+M teams, once the project is delivered and put in coverage, are in charge of maintaining the network for the correct operation and maintaining the connectivity of all users.


To carry out these services we also carry out a first phase of study and design in which we study locations, project sizing calculations, evaluate a financial approach to costs and environmental impact studies for feasibility and permit processing. Then, of course, we moved on to the construction phase. In this first phase of the study, Lecubbetech, as a mobile telecommunications company, takes care with great rigor of the measurements and grading of network elements and the start-up and commissioning of the site.

Construction phase

After the design and study, we proceed to the construction of telecommunications. With this we enter the civil works deployment phase, the site structural assembly, the network elements installation phase, the wiring of the radio-link systems at the top of the raised structure up to the equipment located at the base of the site, the certification report of all the network elements involved and the certification of Entragamiento site for commissioning. To this end, there are concrete actions to be implemented, such as the following:

  • Cleaning and leveling.
  • Start of construction process.
  • Foundations.
  • Structure erection and hoisting.
  • Integration of services.

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Lecubbetech is a company established in 2021 as a limited liability company in Central Europe to meet the great demand for projects from our customers, who have placed their trust in us for more than two decades.

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