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Leccubetech enterprise management system


The different management platforms for Lecubbetech, encompasses all the details necessary to run an efficient, self-sustainable activity within the life of the different lines of business management and therefore in the projects.

The application is easily accessible to all members of the organization, which will be divided into different management levels, increasing the quality of management within each area of development. The different departments will be interconnected with each other maintaining a transparent and highly efficient communication channel for the proper functioning of the company's management life.

It is important to maintain a continuous line for the action objectives of each department, being key to the correct understanding of all the regulations involved and to comply with the requirements imposed by law within each agency, whether public or private investment. The different dimensions of the business management service provided by Leccubetech are as follows: Invoicing, accounting, Leccubetech team, projects, logical inventory and CRM.

Gestión de Empresa


Our billing service for companies consists of several processes in the business management service.

  • Issue: Creation of invoice, proforma or quotation. Automated storage in proposal history until consolidation.
  • Follow-up: Follow-up of progress and modification until execution of invoice collection, proposal consolidation or budget acceptance.
  • Sections by project: Classification and memorization according to line of business and project.
  • Global collection per client: Percentage or global collection follow-up according to client/project contract conditions.
  • Business client by client: Customer account creation. Automated collection system and customer requirements. Collection management control according to conditions.

Finally, with the above points fully determined, we started the construction of the projects entrusted to us.


The business management service we provide in the area of accounting includes several parts.

  • Data import: Information from Finance avolution prior to data import. Cross-checking of financial health verification data.
  • Daily log of actions: Task automation log for calendar. Agenda of financial exercises. Daily forecast posting system.
  • Fiscal models: Storage of fiscal models for the company's annual fiscal year. Follow-up and regularization of Lecubbetech's fiscal accounting and financial health.
  • Reporting: Our accounting service also provides the extraction of accounting reports for accounting records: automated auditing of accounts and quality.

Team Management

Our professionals are prepared to offer you different lines of competent and relevant services for your company.

  • All contracts: All contracts of the corporation's internal personnel. Contracts with partners and collaborating companies.
  • Geographical categorization of the project: Differentiated by region of structure. Sections by line of business-project.
  • Access work diary: Work diary by technicians, departments, work system. Access log for daily work management.
  • Operator program: Program according to technician-department level. Differentiation of accesses according to levels of action flowcharts.
  • Internal management of objectives (KPI's): Empowerment of internal objectives by production. Key performance indicators system for monitoring Lecubbetech's internal quality processes in project management.


At Leccubetech, we take care of project management to optimize the organization of projects, included in our business management service.

  • Section by business line/project: Project management self-creation. Work line registration and all its phases.
  • GVG by project: All contracts of internal personnel of the corporation. Contracts with partners and collaborating companies.
  • Generation of job tickets: Creation of scheduled jobs within the corporation. Creation of internal incident tickets around the project. Classification of type incidents and jobs.
  • Workspace guidance system: Work management and guidance systems. Creation according to department within the life of the projects.
  • Project action flowcharts: Establishment of action flowcharts per project. Follow-up at the beginning of projects with established regulations and action protocols.

Logical inventory

Do you need to keep order in the organization of your materials, products or resources? We will help you.

  • Products: Record of all materials, finished product for projects. Automation of internal serial number assignment to each registered product.
  • Logistik internal warehouse stock: Stock accounting for project tracking. Assignment of work to each product for project cost accounting.
  • Transfer between projects and networks: Authorization of material transfers between projects for accounting purposes. Creation of sub-warehouses by projects within the same or different lines of business.
  • Automation of project documents: Automation of project documentation. Logical inventory of materials and machinery for projects. All this makes up a complete inventory management service suitable for your company.


Measure your company's progress with our enterprise service management.

  • Project progress: Daily monitoring of project progress around production. Progression and change management within the life of projects. Automation of project kpis.
  • Platform integration: Regrouping of standards for client platform management. Harmonization of client management applications. Integrated system for the interaction of applications around projects.
  • Flowchart of target project type: Establishment of flowcharts of action type by projects. Application and management of standards in the different processes of the life of each project.
  • Project sales certification processes: Establishment of certification for each of the project phases. Automation of tracking, certification and sales type action included within the projects.

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Lecubbetech is a company established in 2021 as a limited liability company in Central Europe to meet the great demand for projects from our customers, who have placed their trust in us for more than two decades.

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