Civil works projects.

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Civil works construction

At Lecubbetech, we proceed to carry out the design and construction of civil works. For this purpose, we carry out a whole line of phases for each project. Starting with their location and structural calculations, passing through the financial approach of cost, environmental impact studies for their viability and permit processing until reaching the study, development and construction phases of these civil works projects.

Civil Works Services

  • Clearing/leveling of all types of land
  • Pipelines
  • Pipe installations
  • Ditches
  • Drilling of all types
  • Structural foundations
  • Large dimension self-supporting poles / post supports
  • Paving
Phase 01


We proceed to the localization for the execution of project or infrastructure development . Afterwards, the calculation of any structure involved in the project is carried out in compliance with all the DIN-DIN and ISO standards. Once this point is done, an evaluation of the study/design is carried out and the real scope is verified in order to carry out an economic feasibility plan of the project. In parallel to the preparation of the study, an environmental impact and management study, as required by ISO, was carried out.

As any other civil works company dedicated to its construction and work, through the documentation and management department, all the necessary steps are taken to request and obtain the various permits for the start of the project as required by the regulations. We carry out all the pertinent studies for the perfect development of the projects, marking of guidelines, coordination and planning of execution times (insertion of change management application).

Finally, with the above points fully determined, we started the construction of the civil works projects entrusted to us.

Legal documentation phase and acquisition of permits

We establish contact with the public administrations to initiate the appropriate legal procedures according to the guidelines established by the competent bodies. From there, all the necessary documentation is prepared in terms of permits attached to the project. Our documentation department monitors each and every one of these guidelines. Afterwards, we proceed to make the modification of deficiencies according to the requirements of the authorities for the acceptance and attainment of the required permits.

Phase- 02

Evaluation-cleaning leveling

The first phase of the project starts with the cleaning and leveling of the area to zero level, if necessary. Either for a structure itself or along the different zones of the project.


In this process what is carried out is the realization of the hole in which the structure in different typologies to be built, or the substructures within the site of the urbanization included in the civil works construction project, will be placed.

Integration of services

Through this process, we take care of providing the project with all the essential services designed. We equip following a rigorous order established and reflected in the different regulations established by law, and required by the different specifications of each field of application.

Obra Civil
Phase- 03

Specific details

We carry out as many structural performance tests as required by the established requirements and regulations. Also the realization of structural closures by means of waterproofing systems and safeguarding of the elements involved in the project. This also includes quality audits and structural performance certifications.


At this point in which we are reaching the completion of the completion of the civil works project . All relevant tests are performed for the certification of the elements involved in the built structure/infrastructure. This process generates all the necessary certifications for the final commissioning and obtaining the final licenses in the different areas for the delivery of construction projects and civil works, either to private clients or to public administrations.

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Lecubbetech is a company established in 2021 as a limited liability company in Central Europe to meet the great demand for projects from our customers, who have placed their trust in us for more than two decades.

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