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Design of public works

Public works

At Lecubbetech we carry out the design of public works projects. Through a staff with a vast experience in this type of projects, we take care of all the stages that compose it. Starting from the initial phases to those that make the construction effective. Here we explain all the stages through which we carry out our work.

Proyectos de Obra Pública
Phase 01


We previously carried out the design of public works. In the approach and development study for the bidding, we carry out all kinds of studies based on:

  • Economic viability.
  • Project sustainability plan.
  • Planning of the different phases involved in the project.
  • Previous implementation measures with public administrations and requirements.
  • Document preparation according to the establishment of
  • Location for project execution or infrastructure development.
  • Calculation of any structure involved in the project is carried out in compliance with all the Din-Din and ISO standards.
  • Once the study/design has been evaluated, the actual scope of the study/design is verified and an economic feasibility plan is drawn up.
  • In parallel to the preparation of the study, an environmental impact and management study, as required by ISO, was carried out.
  • Through the documentation and management department, all the necessary steps are taken to request and obtain the various permits for the start of the project, as required by the regulations.
  • We carry out all the pertinent studies for the perfect development of the projects, marking of guidelines, coordination and planning of execution times (insertion of change management application).
  • Finally, with the above points fully determined, we started the construction of the projects entrusted to us.
Phase- 02

Documentary phase and acquisition

After the feasibility study has been carried out and previously submitted, the management and documentary procedures are initiated to request the pertinent licenses. This phase would be subdivided into 3 phases:

  • Admission bidding requirements.
  • Implementation of conditions.
  • Bid presentation.
  • Every public works project plan has a safety plan attached to it.
  • According to the laws, they will be attached to each and every petition, whether global or action-identified (VAO, Regelplänne, etc.).
  • Preparation of a risk report for each action involved in the development of the project.

This action is subject to the requirements of the bidding process, which establishes agreed dates and deadlines, previously presented in the study and development of the project in the first study phase.

Phase- 03


  • Ante project. It includes different determinations, evaluations and estimates, both economic and conceptual. Analysis of the corresponding authorizations and legal aspects. Environmental issues, sustainability and impact that the project may have on the community.
  • Engineering. It involves the development of the project in terms of planning, scheduling, cost control and safety.
  • Refers to materials, logistics and contract management. Includes quality control and administrative tasks.
  • Construction. We will develop it further in the next section.
  • Start-up. In this stage, all the previous stages are integrated and the necessary adjustments are made to meet the client's expectations in the construction of public works.

In many cases, the public works construction company must continue to provide some services, such as maintenance, facilities management and performance improvement.

Phase- 04

Phases of certification

This is where Lecubbetech GmBh carries out exhaustive quality controls and monitoring procedures in order to meet the demands and requirements of each and every one of our clients in public works projects.

The certifications will be responsible for establishing the key performance and quality indicators established by regulations.

The number of these will be established at the request of the client or authorized bodies appointed to examine the development and work performed by Lecubbetch GmBh.


From Lecubbetech GMBH, following our policy of quality in the development of the projects entrusted to us, we work with our own test engineering department in order to provide service and firm coverage to all our clients in the contracting of public works. Also for the fulfillment of the requirements established for our works and public services.


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Lecubbetech is a company established in 2021 as a limited liability company in Central Europe to meet the great demand for projects from our customers, who have placed their trust in us for more than two decades.

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