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As in all other services, at Lecubbetech we carry out an exhaustive preliminary study of each renewable energy project. Those concerning clean and alternative energies are no exception.

Within this preliminary study we evaluate the feasibility of the project and its planning and execution. Afterwards, we continue with the follow-up and control of the work to finish with the delivery and closing of the project. In order to elaborate an efficient renewable energy development in its service as well as in its revision, manufacture and assembly.

Phase 01


Once the study phase is completed, the location is well examined and we contact the administration for the project's document management, we proceed to make it a reality by means of established and well-planned steps.

From there, we follow different steps: Conceptual engineering, basic engineering and detailed engineering:

When we carry out the conceptual engineering approach, we are in charge of a generalized process for a given product. From that moment on, in basic engineering we acquired the licenses and the construction permit. Finally, when we talk about detailed engineering, we refer to the detailed solutions chosen and the development necessary to carry them out.

From that very moment, different stages are reached, such as the beginning of construction, the start-up of the renewable energy projects, the certification with the client for the delivery of the project and the final start-up.

At the same time, this process reaches 6 important points:

At the same time, this process reaches 6 important points:

  • 1st Phase of construction
  • 2° Civil works
  • 3° Structural erection site
  • 4° Installation phase of elements
  • 5° Project progress certification report
  • 6° Certification of delivery for commissioning

The study and development of renewable wind, solar or alternative sustainable green energy projects will be carried out jointly with the client's engineering, providing them with the necessary technical support to meet their expectations and achieve the desired goal. Investing in clean energy is investing in the future. But also in innovation.


Our engineering is in charge of receiving the pertinent studies for their subsequent review by the manufacturing and assembly engineering of our structure suppliers.

Lecubbetech' s Prüff engineer department will be responsible for reviewing all designs for compliance with DIN-DIN and ISO standards.

Cym is in charge of making all the punctualizations regarding the possible incidences in study/development and to apply them in the manufacturing process and to be able to send them to the customer. From there, Lecubbetech together with Cym will coordinate for the shipment and reception of the realized structure, as long as this is not conditioned to be done on site in the construction area.

Lecubbetech will carry out the assembly according to the regulations required in the territory where the project is developed. Certification at the client's expense will be carried out with the site/project management team in the field. Thus, carrying out the development of renewable energy projects with absolutely all the necessary guarantees and stages.

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