Design of buildings through well-planned and controlled processes

Building projects

At Lecubbetech, we are also active as a construction company. We carry out the design of building projects through properly controlled and well-planned processes. From location to structural calculations, through financial cost planning, environmental impact studies for feasibility or permit processing to the building engineering phase through study, development and construction.


Stages of construction

Legal documentation phase and acquisition of permits

Here we take care of VAO procurement by institutions and RSA-ASR 95-21 documentation. Also of the exhibition of HSE-SCC safety plans and regulation of permits according to site parking. At this point we also carry out risk assessment in all project phases. Then, the implementation of training in the 1st phase. This measure is dissected at different stages during the life of the building and civil works projects under execution for an exhaustive control according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or any other mandatory ISO involved.

Cleaning and leveling

At this stage, we clean the area for the infrastructure site, previously carrying out the topographic study of the site for its subsequent leveling study, at level 0 for the spatial vision of the infrastructure itself.

Start of construction process

Here we start with the excavation for the settlement of the enclave structure of the infrastructure support system (and its different types). As well as the erection of self-supporting structure for building, urbanization, services.

Integration of services

Installation and integration of the different services that the infrastructure will house. Also the insertion of different elements for supplies.

Specific details

We proceed to the study of structural behavior through quality audits and tests of waterproofing and closures (paving or building cladding).


At this stage we are already implementing the element resistance test as a requirement to verify all the elements built and installed. As well as a quality audit for certification of building projects and their construction development.

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Lecubbetech is a company established in 2021 as a limited liability company in Central Europe to meet the great demand for projects from our customers, who have placed their trust in us for more than two decades.

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